Hey there! My name is Doug and I’m a photographer based in Baltimore, MD. While I love and respect many different styles of the art form, I’ve grown particularly drawn towards lifestyle photography, capturing people at their happiest moments in their natural element. I admit…I’m fairly new to the business aspect of photography, but the art itself has had a grasp on my life to some degree ever since I was young. Even as a kid, I remember the impact a strong photograph could have, and wondered if one day I would ever be able to evoke a similar feeling from someone else through creativity. I still wonder…

 For a living, I work full time as a Digital Media Specialist at a law firm in Towson. Before landing my grownup job, I attended school at CCBC where I took some black and white film photography classes, then transferred to Towson University where I received my B.S. in Electronic Media & Film, focusing on film/video production (awesome program by the way).

I’m happily married to the most beautiful little red-headed mermaid around, with whom I share the other two loves of my life; our kids Penelope and Lucas. Together we love to travel, stay active, and just goof around with each other.

As for myself, I really really enjoy:

  • watching movies (on the big screen if possible)

  • listening to my jams

  • running and trying to be fit

  • thinking of ideas for my next tattoo (sorry Karla  :P)

  • and of course…snowboarding.

Anyways, if you are at all interested in scheduling a session with me (maternity, newborn, engagement, family portraits, etc.), or you’re interested in getting started with photography yourself and have questions, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email!

– Doug


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