Memorial Day Weekend 2016 – Ocean City, MD

Our good friends Matt and Lacey invited us down to Ocean City this past Memorial Day weekend. Once Friday afternoon came, we packed the Jeep, threw the kids in the car (figuratively, of course) and surprisingly only hit minimal traffic. Saturday started off with some morning runs and Dunkin Donuts for breakfast, while the rest of the day was pretty much spent on the beach. Later that evening we walked to Fish Tales for dinner, during which Lacey and I ran off for a quick little photo sesh with Brody while Uncle Matt took Penelope into the play area. We wanted to hit up the pier afterwards, but it was already getting late and the kids were ready to go down for the night, so we opted to just hang in with some Dumsers ice cream instead. The next morning we all walked down the boardwalk for some photos of the kids and to grab breakfast from DD again. As you can see in the photos near the bottom, there was a strange fog looming over the beach and boardwalk, which I thought made for some pretty interesting photographs to end our little weekend getaway.

Thank you so much Matt, Lacey and Brody for having us stay with you guys!! We had a great time. Let’s do it again sometime, please…like pretty please?

FYI – I know it’s a lot of photos to be included in a single post, but these kids are pretty incredible, and it makes choosing which ones to exclude very difficult. (If you’re feeling so inclined to view the rest, they can be seen here.)

When you have kids, the amount of things you need to pack is mind-blowing. Even for a trip that will last a day and a half.


First morning on the boardwalk, heading down to grab breakfast.


Playtime before the beach.


Sun’s out, guns out!


And a face-plant in the sand for Brody. Poor little guy, haha.


This girl absolutely loves the beach, in case you couldn’t tell.


A quick photo-op with Brody while we wait for our food to come out at Fish Tales.


Next morning on the boardwalk.


Killing it with that fedora!


Sometimes I still wonder where this kid comes from. Those eyes!!



Someone’s stoked about DD.


Last shot before we packed up and headed back home. Although it looks as if she’s upset, she was definitely smirking underneath those hands.


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