Emerson’s First Birthday

Here’s a look at Emerson’s First Birthday session, which ended with some awesome cake smashing! Emerson was born just 4 days before my son Lucas, so it was a lot of fun to interact with and photograph another kid of pretty much the exact same age. One big difference was that Emerson had nailed down that whole walking thing already (apparently that’s a big deal for babies…I dunno). And she’s pretty quick too! It’s always incredible seeing such a tiny person just walking about on their own. All in all, I thought this little lady did an awesome job the entire time. Thank you so much Kelly and Bobby for inviting me to your home and capturing this special moment in your lives. Props to Kelly on planning and setting up the decorations as well. Happy Birthday, Emerson!

Oh yeah, and about that awesomely delicious-looking cake you’re probably drooling over…it was created by the very talented and fellow Eastern Tech alum, Angela Cassano. She’s made a few cakes for us over the last few years and they always turn out amazing. Keep up the great work, Angela!!


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