Penelope Turns Three!

Where has the time gone?? My baby girl just turned three this month! Penelope’s actual birthday was February 12, but lucky for her, it kind of turned into a whole month’s worth of celebrating. Not that we purposely tried to, it just worked out that way. A week before her birthday, we visited grandma’s house for some dinner and cake; the day of her birthday, she had lunch with Mommy, Daddy and Lucas before going to Build-A-Bear; that same weekend, Tia (Steph) and Joe stopped over so we could all sing her Happy Birthday; then the following week, she had her birthday party with all her little friends and family at Kiddie Crusoe (*Thanks to everyone for coming out and for all the gifts! It was great witnessing just how much our web of friends is growing with little human beings. I’ll try to update this post with a few pictures from her party). I love you so much, Penelope! Every day you manage to surprise me with how much you are learning and growing right before my eyes. Currently one of your favorite things to do is invite me inside your Minnie Mouse tent for some Lego “milkshakes,” and I think it’s the cutest thing ever.


Having a blast with Joe!penelope_birthday_watermarked-11penelope_birthday_watermarked-12

Still my little Penellysaurus-Rex  🙂penelope_birthday_watermarked-13penelope_birthday_watermarked-14

Hugs for the baby bro.penelope_birthday_watermarked-15


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