Neukam Maternity

Pam reached out to me on Facebook after recommendations by a couple of friends (thanks Emily and Lacey!) to see if I would be interested in taking maternity photos of her and her family. I was extremely flattered to even be considered for such a task, so how could I possibly pass on the opportunity? At our initial discussion, Pam was about 32 weeks pregnant, which would put her at that sweet-spot time frame for maternity pictures by the date we set for the session a couple of weeks later. A blizzard came and went, I returned from my vacation to New Hampshire, and it was game on!

I met Pam, Frank, and their super awesome son Jacob at Jerusalem Mill Village, located in Kingsville, MD. I heard about the place before, but never actually visited there…boy was I glad they recommended it! I know for certain that I will be going back there numerous times in the future. So much great scenery. No wonder it’s a popular spot for photographers to take their clients. We briefly discussed some ideas, went for a little stroll around the area, and I started snapping away. Jacob was such a cool little dude, and I know my daughter Penelope would’ve had a blast running around in the snow with him. No doubt he’s going to be an awesome big brother to Baby Joshua. Anyways, here’s a look at how some of the session went down. Big props to Pam for handling the cold like a champ in her short-sleeved sweater! Thank you Neukams once again for the opportunity!!


I like to think he’s checking his mommy’s spelling 😀Neukam_maternity_watermarked-5Neukam_maternity_watermarked-6Neukam_maternity_watermarked-7Neukam_maternity_watermarked-8Neukam_maternity_watermarked-9Neukam_maternity_watermarked-10Neukam_maternity_watermarked-11Neukam_maternity_watermarked-12Neukam_maternity_watermarked-13Neukam_maternity_watermarked-14Neukam_maternity_watermarked-15Neukam_maternity_watermarked-16Neukam_maternity_watermarked-17Neukam_maternity_watermarked-18Neukam_maternity_watermarked-19Neukam_maternity_watermarked-20

Jacob looking GQ-esque!Neukam_maternity_watermarked-21Neukam_maternity_watermarked-22


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