Henry Maternity

Lacey knew I was looking to build up my photography portfolio, so when she agreed to partake in a maternity session with me, I couldn’t have been happier. Matt and Lacey have been close friends of ours for a while now (I’ve been friends with Lacey since high school), so Karla and the kids came along with me as we had all planned to go out for some food afterwards. We walked over to a little park/trail close to where the Henrys live, and I started snapping away.  Here’s a little peek at the session, celebrating the journey of welcoming Baby Brody to the world.

Before heading out, I snagged a few shots of Brody’s nursery in progress.   Henry_maternity_session_1Henry_maternity_watermarked-2Henry_maternity_combo_watermarked-1Henry_maternity_watermarked-5Henry_maternity_watermarked-6Henry_maternity_watermarked-7Henry_maternity_watermarked-8Henry_maternity_watermarked-9

Karla and Lucas popped in for a quick shot (Penelope was passed out in the stroller).Henry_maternity_watermarked-21Henry_maternity_watermarked-10Henry_maternity_watermarked-12

I’m a sucker for lens flare  😛Henry_maternity_watermarked-11Henry_maternity_watermarked-13Henry_maternity_combo_watermarked-2Henry_maternity_watermarked-16Henry_maternity_watermarked-18Henry_maternity_watermarked-17Henry_maternity_combo_watermarked-3


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